ALW 10/200

Wall Mount Unit

ALW 10

Color of Case

Standard color = black

Color of Tape

Standard color = red, blue, black, red/white diag., black/yellow diag.

    1 1
2 2
3 3  
08 13 
10 17


This small-sized wall mount unit is available either in metal, black lacquered or chromed. Because of its’ timeless design it fits perfectly into every surrounding.

Maximum tape length = 3.0 m.

Available standard colours: red, blue, black, red-white diag., black-yellow diag.

Delivery: assembled

Caution: Wall clip for fixation of tape-end is not part of the shipment and must be ordered separately in case of need! (Order-no. = ALZ-10 / wall clip, PVC, black, fixation by screw)

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